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How to Choose LED Tube PC Cover?

According to appearance, LED tube PC cover can be approximately divided into three types: Transparent PC cover, milky PC cover, strip PC cover. Different PC covers will be used in different ways. Here are some tips to show how to choose LED tube PC cover: 

Transparent PC Cover 
The brightness of transparent PC cover is high, which is dazzling to our eyes. It can be applied when LED tube can be installed on a dizzy height (4 meters above). 
Milky PC Cover 
Luminance of milky PC cover is much lower than transparent PC cover. The light is very soft and mild. Milky PC is suitable to be employed in hospitals, banks, family home use and so on to create warm atmosphere. 
Strip PC Cover 
The brightness of strip PC cover is between transparent PC cover and milky PC cover. It can satisfy the brightness of the LED tube as well as our eyes’ fitness. However, the light is not well-distributed. 
Before purchasing, customers should be clear about the advantages and applications of different PC covers and choose the right PC covers as needed.