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Communication products (ODM/OEM)

Optical Network (SONET) / Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)

1) SDH optical transmission equipment
5 years of commercial experience, perfect protection mechanism, mature and reliable
Graphical management, end-to-end configuration, convenient operation and maintenance
Full-service scenario, emerging applications

2. IBAS200

This is a fiber optic transmission device and is mainly used in MSTP. MSTP is a multi-service transmission platform based on SDH that can realize the height and transmission of multiple services such as TDM, ATM, IP, and Ethernet, and is managed by a unified network management system. The IBAS200 is based on the SDH-based transmission platform and provides E1 services, FE optical services, and FE electrical services. The network management system performs unified operations and management on the devices.
2U high, the system provides full crossover capability of 16x16VC-4
Maximum 2x622M+2x155M+32x2M+8FE access capacity
Complete multi-service processing, providing FE interfaces, supporting transparent transmission/Layer 2 switching, virtual concatenation, LCAS, VLAN, QinQ, etc., supporting ATM/IMA service processing capabilities

2. Repeaters

1) S20 single frequency digital selection repeater
* Adopt industrial grade electronic components, high stability and long working life;
* High-quality aluminum alloy radiator, the effect of the radiator is good, the operating temperature of the FPGA chip is quickly cooled, and the life of the whole machine is extended;
* Carefully designed and strictly controlled, the whole machine RF index is better than similar products; high-precision OLCD display, equipment operating status and data display is complete;
* With operation buttons, you can easily view or set up the device without an external PC or notebook, making maintenance and management more convenient;
* The number of sub-bands and sub-band bandwidth can be set in the range of 200KHz~20MHz;
* Accurate manual gain reduction function to attenuate the repeater gain in the range of 1-31dB in 1dB steps;
* High dynamic and accurate ALC automatic power control function to keep the uplink and downlink output signals stable.

2) C200 dual-band broadband repeater

* Provide fast coverage solutions for small areas of blind areas and weak areas, reducing the number of dropped and disconnected calls in weak areas.
* The front without barrier can cover the range of 1500-3000 square meters.
* Reduce the mobile phone's transmit power, reduce the phone's radiation, and extend the phone's battery life.
* High linearity design with minimal interference to base station systems.
* MGC manual gain 31dB range attenuation function.
* ALC automatically outputs power control to keep the signal stable.
* 3-color LED indicator function, signal strength can be seen at any time.
* Lightweight and simple, beautiful and easy to install.

3.ODM&OEM Cooperation


2) SDH optical transmission equipment