Solar LED street lamp lighting control system design scheme

Oct 2021

Solar LED street lamp lighting control system design scheme

As an inexhaustible and non-polluting clean energy, solar energy has been recognized as the most effective energy source to solve the energy crisis in the future. Solar street light china have the advantages of long life, high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. Therefore, organically combine solar energy with china led solar street lamp
Together, it is very important to develop a solar LED lighting controller. At present, many solar controllers on the market are charged by direct charging without management and control of the battery, resulting in low energy utilization and low reliability. The dual Buck lighting controller based on STC12C5410AD designed in this paper adopts maximum power point charging, makes full use of the energy of solar panels, floats the battery to prevent false full charge; for LED street lights, adopts two-stage constant Flow control to enhance the service life of LED lights, realizes an environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting mode, solves the defects of some solar controllers on the market, and is a product with a higher price.

Current and voltage acquisition circuit
The solar charging current is collected using a 0.03Ω sampling resistor for sampling, and the MAX4080TASA chip is selected for voltage amplification. The magnification is 20 times, and the maximum current that can be detected reaches 8.3 A. The voltage collection adopts a resistor divider and step-down collection method. Modular ground plus magnetic bead separation to reduce the interference of analog ground to the system. The collected data is by a radio follower to improve the accuracy of the collected data.

Lightning protection circuit
Adopt double-layer lightning protection measures, select the varistor to connect to the earth and control the enable terminal of the previous Buck circuit to work together. When there is no lightning, the resistance of the varistor is relatively large; when there is lightning, the resistance of the varistor becomes smaller, and the high-voltage pulse passes through the varistor to the ground, and the energy flows away through the earth. When the system detects that the voltage of the solar panel has dropped to a certain value, it sets the control terminal of IR2104 to zero to make Buck stop working and protect the subsequent circuit from lightning.

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