Electronic Circuit for China Led Street Lights Ripple Reduction

May 2021

Electronic Circuit for China Led Street Lights Ripple Reduction

For some led street lighting applications it is necessary to reduce the led street lights modulation to lower levels than our current limit of 20% to 40% of our led street lights engines .

This requirement can not be fulfilled by just adding more capacity because of cost and space issues. An electronic circuit has to reduce the current ripple in the LEDs active.

There were still some investigations concerning the reduction of led street light ripple. But the currently used circuit with operation amplifier is too expensive (~0,10$) for a usage in all three strings of the AGSC.
The new developed ripple reduction circuit don’t require an operational amplifier, but have nearly the same electrical performance. The BOM costs are only ~0,04$ for one led street light ripple reduction circuit.

For a first investigation, one Flat AC G2 PC 2500 lm was improved with the  led street light ripple reduction circuits. The result is following led street light ripple performance:

The led street light output decrease at approximately 2% if the LRR is implemented in all strings.

New Led Street Light ripple reduction circuit

Used test circuit

LED current Voltage drop on Q1 and R2 = main losses of the circuit

china led street lights

Measurements at 230V/50Hz

led street lights supplier

Measurements at 230V/50Hz and PC-Dimmer set to 90°

Overview Led Street Light Ripple Reduction

manufactures of led street light

The required size for the reduction circuits is ~2 cm²

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