How to install suitable lighting for your tennis court?

Jul 2021

How to install suitable lighting for your tennis court?

When you plan to install sports field flood light for tennis court in your community or leased field, an integral part of the field is obviously equipment, including rackets, balls, and of course the net. The stadium itself, whether it is artificial turf or red clay, may have some fences or other types of walls to prevent the off-track ball from being hit outside and damaging passing cars, buildings or other properties. Although all these considerations are important, what if you are a busy person who works all day and only has time to play on the court at night? Of course, you will consider choosing the right lighting for your stadium.

a, how to provide better Led flood lighting for tennis courts

When you consider illuminating your tennis court, the correct lighting decisions often seem difficult. You may not know the type of lamp, the wattage, or even what kind of light source you need. You need to talk to an expert who professionally installs led flood tennis court lighting. In any case, we will have the right equipment and expertise to meet your needs, set the correct lighting array for you, our support, and enough wattage to make your court bright enough so that you can Swing your racket to your heart's content at night. The color temperature is generally 4000K and 5700K. You need to choose the color rendering (Ra) greater than 80. Although the higher the color rendering, the lower the light effect, but this can ensure that your tennis court is more beautiful.

b. Cost and installation

Once you know what type of lighting fixture you need, you can consider it within your price range, and you can choose the one you like. You can find the stadium lighting that suits you, and within your budget. Then, you can choose to install it yourself and install the lamp in a suitable location. A better way, unless you have a lot of experience in electrical work and know how to debug tennis court lighting, you need to find a professional installation manufacturer. We choose the appropriate power and beam angle according to the height and quantity of the lamp posts. And use professional computer design software to simulate the distribution map of the light, as well as the installation position and projection angle of the lamps. In this way, you can guarantee a professional installation and provide a warranty within the specified time. Fixing devices and brackets installed by professional tennis court lighting experts can ensure the correct installation position and power of the lamps, so that you can see the ball more clearly at night!

The height of the tennis court lamp post is greater than 6 meters. If the lamp fails, you need professional equipment to work at height. The LED life is relatively long. Most of the failures will occur in the driver, especially when installed outdoors, which is often resisted by lightning. Installed at the bottom of the lamp post, or concentrated in the distribution box, so that you can reduce the maintenance cost in the future. Of course, this drive will be different from ordinary drives on the market.

c, light pollution
Many tennis courts are installed in houses close to residents. In addition to the uniformity of lighting and glare, you have to consider whether the lighting at night affects surrounding residents, how to reduce light pollution and create a harmonious neighborhood. You need to choose a tennis court specifically for tennis courts. The structure of lamps and lanterns. In this way, it is possible to ensure that the light reaches the tennis court, provide sufficient light, and reduce the light overflow to the surrounding buildings.

d. How to replace the original metal halide lamp of the tennis court
Traditional lamps for tennis courts mostly use high-pressure gas discharge lamps with powers of 400W, 1000W, 1500W and other specifications. This kind of light source needs to consume a lot of electricity, and the light source has a short life and fast light decay. It needs to be replaced in about 2-3 years, and usually cannot be replaced. Lights up when turned on. We generally use 250W, 400W, 800W LED lamps to replace the corresponding 400W, 1000W, 1500W traditional metal halide lamps. Of course, choosing more suitable lighting requires professional engineers based on past experience and professional computer design software simulation.

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