LED Street Lamp Roadway Lighting Power Standard

Jun 2021

LED Street Lamp Roadway Lighting Power Standard

1 Scope
This standard specifies the technical requirements, test methods, and inspections of LED street lights for roads, streets, tunnels, and other outdoor public places
Inspection rules, marking methods, packaging, transportation and storage conditions.

This standard applies to LED street lights.
LED street lamps refer to roadway lighting lamps that use LEDs as light-emitting devices. Compared with traditional street lamps with high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps as light sources, they have
Energy saving, environmental protection, long life and other advantages

2 Normative references
The clauses in the following documents have become clauses of this standard after being quoted in this standard. For dated reference documents, all subsequent revisions will be made
Amendments (excluding errata content) or revised editions do not apply to this standard, however, it is encouraged to comply with this standard.
The parties to the agreement study whether the latest versions of these documents can be used. For undated reference documents, the latest version is applicable to this
GB7000.1 -2001 General safety requirements and tests for lamps
GB7000.5 -2005 Safety requirements for road and street lighting fixtures
CJJ45 -2006 Urban Road Lighting Design Standard
EN13201 -2: 2003 Street Lamp-Part 2: Performance Requirements
EN13021 -3: 2003 Street Lamp-Part 3: Calculation of Performance
EN13201 -4: 2003 Street Lamps-Part 3: Methods of Measuring Lighting Performance
IEC61347 -2-13: 2006 Lamp control device Part 2-13: The characteristics of the electronic control device using AC or DC power supply for LED modules
Special requirements.
IEC62031 safety requirements for LED modules for general lighting
IEC62384: 2006 Performance requirements for electronic control devices powered by AC or DC for LED modules
GB7247.1 -2001 Safety of Laser Products Part 1: Equipment Classification, Requirements and User Guide
GB/T2423.1 -2001 Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products Part 2: Test method Test A: Low temperature
GB/T2423.2 -2001 Environmental testing of electric and electronic products Part 2: Test method Test B: High temperature
GB/T2423.3 -1993 Basic environmental test procedure test for electrical and electronic products Ca: Constant damp heat test method

GB/T2423.8 -1995 Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products Part 2: Test method test Ed: Free fall
GB/T2423.10-1995 Environmental testing of electric and electronic products Part 2: Test method Test Fc and guideline: Vibration (sinusoidal)
GB/T2829-2002 Periodic Inspection Attribute Sampling Procedure and Table (Applicable to the inspection of process stability)
GB4208 -1993 Enclosure protection grade (IP code)
GB5080.7-86 Equipment Reliability Test Scheme for verification test of failure rate and mean time between failures under the assumption of constant failure rate
GB17743 -1999 Limits and measurement methods of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment
GB17625.1 -2003 EMC limit harmonic current emission limit (equipment input current per phase ≤16A)

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