The latest LED high bay light fixtures buyer's guide

Dec 2021

The latest LED high bay light fixtures buyer's guide

LED high bay lights are also called LED factory lights, also known as LED high ceiling lights, LED workshop lights,LED patio lights, etc. It is a high-efficiency indoor LED lamp that can be widely used in industrial plants, production workshops, etc. Supermarkets, sports and entertainment venues, warehouses, etc.

LED high bay light heating principle
LED high bay lights will heat up after entering work, so why do high bay lights heat up under working conditions? Zhidian designed here to popularize the heating principle of LED high bay lights.

Before we need to understand the heating principle of the LED high bay light, we must first understand what makes the chip emit light. The chip can emit light by converting heat from electricity and then into light. If you understand this way, you probably understand why the high bay light heats up. LED high bay lights are due to the fact that the photoelectric conversion efficiency of LED lamp beads is not high while the LED lamp beads are emitting light. At present, only 20% to 35% of the energy is converted into light, and the rest is turned into heat. Therefore, the heating of the LED high bay light is the heat generated by this part of the ineffective light conversion part.

What should I pay attention to when buying LED high bay lights fixtures?
One, look at the heat dissipation structure

Generally, the materials used in lamps are aluminum profiles and hardware pieces plus copper pillars. We observe whether there is a temperature rise when the lamp is turned on. If there is no temperature, it will not work. Degree is appropriate.

Second, look at actual needs

Different occasions have different requirements for lamps. When choosing industrial and mining lamps for industries such as coal, petroleum, and chemical industries, it is not only necessary to consider whether the lighting requirements can meet the requirements, but also dust-proof and waterproof lights, and even explosion-proof requirements. Such enterprises need to consider whether the product meets the requirements of national quality standards and whether they have passed the explosion-proof certification and other factors when choosing lamps.

Three, look at the light source part

The light source part mainly depends on whether genuine chips are used, such as Preh, Epistar, Cree, etc. At the same time, the light source part and the power source part should have good waterproof function.

Fourth, look at power, illuminance and color temperature
This is particularly professional. The power of LED high bay lights should be selected according to the actual lighting area. High power will cause waste of electricity resources, and low power will not meet the lighting needs. At the same time, conditions such as illuminance and color temperature are also very important. The production line requires high resolution. For example, the textile industry requires high-resolution lamps. It is recommended to clearly inform the shopping guide of your actual needs when purchasing.

Of course, the most important point in choosing LED lights is to choose a guaranteed manufacturer.Smart Electronics Design, as a manufacturer with more than 12 years of experience in outdoor LED lights, provides OEM and ODM high-quality LED stadium flood lights, LED street lights and LED high bay lights, leading LED lights and LED solar street lights to provide you with competitive the price of.

How to install LED high bay lights?
The first is to ensure that the LED factory shed lights are good when they receive the goods. When receiving the led factory shed lights, try to check whether the exterior of the led high bay lights are damaged.

After the second LED ceiling light arrives on the construction site, it is ready to be installed. You should organize the installers first according to the installation drawings attached to the factory, and connect a few LED ceiling lights to try the installation drawings. Is it correct? If possible, you can arrange one person for one. Try to light up one by one, avoid taking it upstairs and installing it if there is any damage, and then removing it again.

The third is to remind the installers of the importance of fixing and wiring, especially the waterproof of outdoor wiring is very important, it is best to review it when fixing and wiring.

Fourth, after the led high bay light is fixed and connected, it is best to use a universal meter on the main power supply when it is ready to test light.

Fifth, after all the test lights are done, try to light up for as long as possible, and then recheck on the second and third days. After doing this, everything is good, and there will generally be no problems later.

How to wire the LED high bay light?
Led high bay lights generally come out with three wires, the blue wire and the brown wire are connected to the live wire and the neutral wire, regardless of polarity, there is also a yellow wire with a green in the middle, the term is called yellow green, this wire The ground wire, if there is no ground wire, can be left empty.

Compared with traditional high bay lights, LED high bay lights have longer life and more stable performance. Low maintenance and replacement frequency after use. The installation and wiring of LED high bay lights is simple and convenient, as long as we pay attention to it, it should be easy to get it.

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