What Is Led Flood Light?

May 2021

What Is Outdoor Led Stadium Flood Light?

Outdoor Led Stadium Flood Lights are lamps that specify that the illuminance on the illuminated surface is higher than that of the surrounding environment. Also known as spotlight. Generally, it can aim in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. Outdoor LED Flood Lights are mainly used for large-area operation sites and mines, building outlines, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds, etc. Therefore, almost all large-area lighting fixtures used outdoors can be regarded as floodlights. The angle of the projecting light beam is wide or narrow, and the range of variation is between 0° and 180°. Among them, the narrow beam is called a searchlight.

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The composition and performance characteristics of the Outdoor Led Stadium flood light

Floodlight [1] is composed of 3 parts: optical parts, mechanical parts and electrical parts. The optical components are mainly reflectors and light-shielding grids that limit light. The mechanical parts are mainly the housing, and the focusing mechanism for fixing and adjusting the position of the light source, the bracket and the base for fixing the lamp, and the parts with angle indication to adjust the beam projection direction of the lamp. For most of the closed floodlights, the mechanical parts also have protective glass and various sealing rings. According to the needs of the use environment, some also have a metal mesh cover. The floodlight with good performance is also equipped with an air filter. The electrical components are mainly ballasts, capacitors, triggers (designed according to the needs of the light source), etc.

Performance characteristics
1. Adopting the internal and external anti-vibration structure design, which effectively solves the problems of the lamp falling off due to strong vibration, the lamp life is shortened, and the bracket is broken.
2. Using high-efficiency gas discharge lamp as the light source, the bulb has a long service life of more than 10,000 hours, which is especially suitable for outdoor large-area unattended lighting.
3. It has good electromagnetic compatibility and will not cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment.
4. The overall heat dissipation of the lamp is good, which can reduce the probability of failure.

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