New Design Patent Model TFD Led Stadium Flood Lighting fixtures for Football Field

Sep 2019

New Design Patent Model TFD Led Stadium Flood Lighting fixtures for football field

led stadium light fixture

Patent TFD Led Stadium Light Products Description

1. Single module adjustment angle light distribution, 8°/20°/40°/60° /90°/140*100° PC cover;
2.Original Philips or OSRAM LED Chips, Light efficiency>165LM/W;
3.The Flood Light Housing Using fins 1060 pure aluminum with good heat sink(heat sink only 0.5mm);air convection design,
4. Use 304 stainless steel screws;
5. Internal wiring is waterproof IP67, safety and Convenient;
6. Refined iron phosphide bracket;
7. Meanwell ELG or HLG driver with 5 years warranty

8. Independent power box design to support more power, which is beneficial to Light body heat dissipation, reducing light decay and prolonging service life.

IP67 Outdoor Led High Pole Flood Lighting From 100 to 1500 Watt

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Installation Instructions
1. The mounting rood or mounting surface can be directly screwed through the mounting hole one the product bracket;
2. After fixing the product, you can loosen the screws on both sides of the bracket and then change the angle of the bracket, which is equivalent to adjusting the installation angle of the fixture;
3. Working environment temperature -30℃-+55℃ storage;
4. When installing the luminaire, the wiring and wiring are closed to prevent leakage;
5. When the external power cord is connected, the corresponding waterproof and water leakage measures must be taken;
6. Anti-glare design, uniform light distribution;
7. Independent power supply box design is beneficial to heat dissipation of the lamp body, reducing light decay and prolonging the service life of the light source;
8. Support light sensor installation, which can realize intelligent control of lamps and improve energy saving benefits.
led stadium light fixture

TFD Led Stadium Light Certificates

led light football

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