SED TFD China Outdoor Led Sports Flood Lights for Tennis Stadium Sports Field in Switerland

Jul 2021

SED TFD China Outdoor Led Sports Flood Lights for Tennis Stadium Sports Field in Switerland

Here is the specially requirements from customer Rene.

References you see more on the german website.

I supply around 400 Tennis courts  in switzerland.

And the need to replace there Flood light in the next 10 years.

I would like to develop this market. I am electonic engineer.

Hello Wendy Hu

the players must not be blinded by the light in any position durig the game!

Please simulate for me the expected

direction of light and the distribution of light for this court.

Attached I send you a picture

china outdoor led lamp

If it works I will supply the other 5 courts too!

unfortunately I can not change the mast position and height

Rather I have no Skype installed.

Yes, more and more people would like to have this service.

Rather I have only a Iphone and not an android.

However, in English and for Apple and Android is needed and often used. Could the customer retrofit the operation with a smartphone at a later date to the 1-10V interface?

Is in between a way to control the 1-10V interface via 868MHz remote control? With a handheld transmitter?

That would also be a solution. Do you have a robust variant?

I found a wireless connection from Casambi DALI Bluetooth for Iphone and Android.

This is a very good solution.

I think it's a perfect fit. The best thing now would be a DALI interface for the LED luminaires. Then that would be my solution. Can you equip the lamps like this?

Please simulate the illumination according to the specification.

Yes, 1-10V interface is fine.

Wireless dimming:

Please offer the led sports flood lights in such a way that this is possible. Please send me the circuit diagram for this control. Shorter 30m distance would fit. Please send me the app for Android and for IOs Apple Smartphone in advance. I like to download them to my Iphone Is it configurable in the languages? That would be perfect. If we can do this, I am convinced that many customers will order.

led sports flood lights

518lux red circle 720W 40°, yellow circle 720W 20°, black circle 300W 40°, blue circle 300W 20°

china outdoor led lamp

392lux black circle 300W 40 degrees (6 pcs), red circle 300W 20 degrees (4 pcs), red circle 480W 40 degrees (10 pcs), blue circle 600W 40 degrees (2 pcs)

SED As a 12+ Years Experience china outdoor led lamp factory we can OEM&ODM any kinds of outdoor led sports flood lights for you.Welcome your inquiry now!

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