​​Application analysis of LED energy-saving lighting in municipal street lamps

Jul 2021

Application analysis of LED energy-saving lighting in municipal street lamps

2.1 Application advantages of LED energy-saving lighting in municipal light line in the street
2.1.1 Long service life: Before the application of LED energy-saving lighting
Street lamps are mostly illuminated by high-pressure sodium lamps. Although this high-pressure sodium lamp has
Certain use advantages, but it is determined that the service life is relatively short, usually can be illuminated
The time will not exceed 3000 hours, which will cause the municipal street lights to be cast.
The funds received are relatively large. However, LED energy-saving lighting uses new technology
With new energy supply, it has advanced improvements in street lamp design, making
When the LED street lamp is actually used, the usable time can reach 50,000 small
Compared with the 3000-hour lifespan of the high-pressure sodium lamp, it has a significant cost
Increased service life.
2.1.2 Low power consumption: When the street lighting road is in actual use, the power reaches
In this case, there is no need to use other configurators for current control.
Therefore, it will be more economical in use cost. Secondly, the advantage of higher LED power,
It can effectively prevent the generation of high-order harmonics, which is beneficial to improve the overall efficiency of electric energy,
In order to avoid excessive power loss.
2.1.3 Green environmental protection: the implementation of sustainable development strategies and green environmental protection concepts
Under the circumstances, people’s understanding of green environmental protection has become more and more in-depth, which has promoted various green environmental protection
New technologies have emerged accordingly, and LED technology is one of the most important response technologies for green environmental protection.
First, the application advantages of LED energy-saving lighting in green and environmental protection are very prominent. E.g,
When LED energy-saving lighting is actually used in municipal street lights, LED street lights can pass
Adjust the drive current to reduce the luminous flux of the LED street lamp, in order to
Lighting needs, turn off and adjust each street light module, and then make the output
The efficiency of input can be effectively reduced, reducing the energy consumption of electricity.
2.1.4 High color rendering index: The highest color rendering index of common high-pressure sodium lamps is 23%.
Under this kind of color rendering index, only ordinary light source can be used to illuminate, and it is difficult to achieve normal
Visual needs. According to related investigations, the color rendering index of LED energy-saving lighting sources
The number is very high, up to 80%, which is almost comparable to natural sunlight,
And the use advantage of high color rendering index is conducive to reducing the occurrence of various traffic accidents.
2.1.5 High luminous efficiency: Use LED energy-saving lighting for municipal street lights
Application, the street lamp can be set to directional light emission, and the use efficiency of the lamp
It is also relatively high and can effectively optimize the lighting efficiency with the support of light efficiency.
This has great advantages in meeting people's visual needs. Ordinary high pressure
The sodium lamp is a spherical light emitting method, the luminous efficiency is not only relatively low, but the energy consumption is also
It’s more serious, it can’t meet people’s needs for lighting, so it promotes LED festivals.
The application of energy lighting in municipal street lights is becoming more common.
2.2 Application disadvantages of LED energy-saving lighting in municipal street lamps
2.2.1 The phenomenon of zebra crossing is serious: LED energy-saving lighting is used in municipal street lights.
When used, the light distribution type is mostly cut-off type, which makes the uniformity of the illumination relatively low.
It is easy to have more zebra crossings.
2.2.2 The glare is more obvious: LED light source uses wind energy and solar energy.
Line power supply, its color temperature is compared with ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps, the overall color temperature is
It is higher and is prone to glare. Although high-pressure sodium lamps do not have LED light sources,
There are many advantages in use, but the color temperature of the high-pressure sodium lamp is relatively low, and the chance of glare is relatively small.
2.2.3 The phenomenon of light decay is serious: due to the wide lighting range of municipal street lamps,
LED energy-saving lighting street lamps are mostly high-power, and high-power street lamps are used for a long time
Under the influence of heat dissipation, this is mainly due to the light efficiency of the LED chip
It is inversely proportional to the working temperature, and the temperature of the LED street lamp rises by 10°C.
It will produce light attenuation of about 5%, which makes the life of the LED prone to shrinking.
Reduction situation,
2.2.4 Lack of national unified standards: LED energy-saving lighting
Type lighting method, its development time is relatively short, our country has not yet implemented the LED street lamp
The unified standard stipulates that this makes the LED energy-saving lighting street lamps on the market
The quality is quite uneven. When installing many municipal street lights, if there is no correct
LED street lights are strictly selected in terms of quality, and they are extremely easy to use until they have a short life and light
LED lighting street lamps with serious decay phenomenon, this situation also makes the quality of municipal street lamps
The quantity has been affected to some extent.

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