Application of LED energy-saving Roadway lighting in municipal street lamps

Jul 2021

Application of LED energy-saving Roadway lighting in municipal street lamps

With the further development and advancement of urbanization, the construction of municipal street lights in my country’s cities
The scope of design is getting wider and wider, and the price of traditional lighting energy is rising and scarce,
As a result, the lighting construction of municipal street lamps has been severely challenged. In recent years,
Under the continuous research of new energy methods for street lighting, LED energy-saving roadway lighting methods are gradually
Gradually began to be used in municipal street lights, and the LED energy-saving lighting method has a long service life,
The advantages of high green environmental protection and low power consumption make LED energy-saving lighting
The application in municipal street lights is becoming more and more popular. In this regard, in order to promote LED energy-saving
The further application of LED energy-saving roadway lighting in municipal street lights, this article discusses the use of LED energy-saving lighting in municipal
The specific application in the led street lamp is analyzed.
1 Common lighting patterns of LED street lights
1.1 Lighting type of urban circuit lights
LED circuit lights are currently one of the more common forms of lighting in our country.
It is mainly through laying a connected wire network to realize the LED lighting power supply.
When the LED circuit lamp lighting form is in actual application, it is not only in the selection of lighting method
It is very flexible in terms of selection and can be used for street lighting in various occasions.
During use, it is more stable than walls and will not be easily affected by external weather.
This makes the overall service life of the LED circuit lamp longer. Secondly, the LED circuit
The maintenance and operation of the lamp are more convenient, and the internal structure of the equipment is relatively simple.
The overall capital investment for maintenance is relatively small. But because of the circuit used in the LED circuit light
Pipeline laying method, so when the LED circuit light is in use, it needs to consume more
The laying of circuit pipelines for a long period of time makes the construction work of LED circuit lights

The amount is relatively large.

1.2 Lighting Types of All in one Solar Street Lights
Solar energy is currently one of the most widely used new energy-saving energy sources.
It has the advantages of green, clean, environmentally friendly and renewable, so that solar energy is
There are very common applications in each field. Utilize solar energy in municipal street lights
Energy-saving lighting is a new method of solar energy conversion, mainly
Solar energy is converted into LED electric energy to replace the municipal grid’s supply of LED street lights.
Line power supply. Compared with other methods, the solar street lamp lighting type is in the energy-saving environment.
The advantages of the use of security are more prominent, and there is no need to lay wires, which
It has great advantages for energy-saving municipal street lamp investment. In addition, due to solar
The street lamp lighting type is not the wire series method used, and between the municipal street lamps
There is no line connection, so that when individual street lights are damaged, they will not be
The lighting of other street lights has related effects, which is beneficial to improve the use of municipal street lights.
Reliability and stability.

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