Commercial Led Outdoor Street Roadway Lamps Logos, labels and instructions for use

Jun 2021

Commercial Led Outdoor Street Roadway Lamps Logos, labels and instructions for use

1 Signs and labels

Each LED street lamp is set with a sign or nameplate in a prominent position, including the following:
a>Model, code and product standard number;
b>The full name of the product name;
c>Full name and trademark of the manufacturer
d>Detailed address;
e>the date of manufacture and serial number;
f>IP protection level;

2 Manual

The instruction manual for each LED street light configuration should give all the information on how to use the equipment safely and correctly. Its information
Should include the following:
a>Working principle block diagram;
b>Main technical indicators;
c> Description of control adjustment;
d>Electrical wiring diagram;
e> Installation drawing and requirements;
f>Safety precautions;
g〉Warranty matters
h>Common failures and solutions.

3.Packaging, transportation and storage

3.1 Packaging

3.1.1 Inspection before packaging

a>The product's certificate of conformity and technical documents, accessories, and spare parts are complete;
b>The packing list and the attached accessories list are complete;
c>The appearance of the product is not damaged;
d>No dust on the surface of the product.

3.1.2 Packaging Packaging mark
The product packaging should have the name, model, quantity, and implementation standard number of the product, etc. Packaging requirements
The product should have inner packaging and outer packaging, and the packaging should be dust-proof, rain-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, and vibration-proof.

3.2 Transportation
The products should be suitable for land, air and sea transportation. Transport, load and unload according to the signs on the packaging box. The product is in transit,
There should be no severe vibration or impact.

3.3 Storage
LED street lights should be stored in a warehouse with a relative humidity of no more than 70%, free of acid, alkali, salt, corrosive, explosive gas, dust, rain, and snow.

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