Manufacturer Outdoor Led Street Roadway Lights Testing Regulations

Jun 2021

Manufacturer Outdoor Led Street Roadway Lights  Testing Regulations

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1 LED street light products must be inspected and qualified before they can leave the factory, and are accompanied by documents or marks proving the quality of the products.

2 The inspection of LED street light products is divided into factory inspection and type inspection.

3 Factory inspection

The product end that has passed the workshop debugging shall be divided into groups according to the same model and production batch number, and shall be provided to the quality inspection department according to the group.
The items in Table 1 are tested one by one.

Qualification judgment

If any inspection item fails during the inspection, the product shall be deemed as unqualified and shall be returned to the workshop for repair.

4 Type test

4.1 Type inspection should be carried out in one of the following cases
a. Appraisal of batch production of new or old products in different locations;
b. After formal production, if there are major changes in structure, materials, and processes that may affect product performance;
c. Products produced in batches or in large quantities are not less than once every 2 years;
d. When production is stopped for more than one year and production is resumed;
e. When there is a big difference between the result of the factory inspection and the result of the last type inspection;
f. When stipulated in the contract;
g. When the national supervisory agency requests for type inspection.

4.2 The reliability verification test shall be carried out when the production is finalized, or when required by the customer.

4.3 Sampling for type test
The samples for the type test shall be randomly taken from the products that have passed the factory inspection. According to GB/T2829, select the discrimination level I, no
A sampling plan with qualified quality level RQL = 30, namely
In the formula: n—— sample size;
Ac—— Qualified judgment number;
Re——The number of unqualified judgments.

4.4 Classification of nonconformities
According to GB/T2829, the unqualified are divided into three categories: A, B, and C. The weights of each category are determined as: A category 1.0, B category 0.5, and C category 0.3. After the accumulation, the decimal value 4 is rounded to 5 to the nearest whole number.

4.5 Judgment of qualified or unqualified
The classification of unqualified inspection items is shown in Table 2. When the cumulative number of unqualified weights of a sample of unqualified inspection items is large
When it is equal to or equal to 1, it is judged as a non-conforming product; otherwise, it is regarded as a qualified product.
For a sample of a test item that has failed once or more than once, it will be counted as one failure.

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