How to choose led Roadway street lights?

Nov 2021

How to choose led Roadway street lights?

As an emerging lighting source, led street lights are slowly entering people’s field of vision. The quality of led street lights actually depends on the quality and workmanship of their accessories. Generally speaking, common led street lights have lamp shell radiators. , Aluminum substrate (circuit board, used for welding LED lamp beads), transparent cover (mirror for trimming light) and power supply. The quality of a good LED street lamp housing must be excellent, beautiful in workmanship, tightly fitting, and its weight Relatively high, the lamp shell is made of aluminum with high intensity, by lamp beads. The price of led lamp beads on the market varies greatly, and the quality is uneven. Generally speaking, the lumen of the lamp beads and the lamp beads are more mils (most people Don’t understand), the third is to look at the heat dissipation aluminum of the led street lamp. The heat dissipation aluminum on the LED street lamp of the regular manufacturer’s product is very large, because the heat dissipation of the led street lamp is currently done well, and it is not a big problem. Which heat dissipation aluminum is recommended And high-weight products, which are small heat-dissipating aluminum products, light weight and small area, it is recommended not to use them. The light decay is extremely large. In fact, it is the power supply of led street lights. The power supply is the thing that is prone to problems in led street lights. When asking about the product, where the power supply is and what the quality is. Generally, manufacturers buy it out, saying that 80% of the power supply is a lie.

In short, when choosing LED street light products, we still need to see whether the heat dissipation is reasonable, whether the heat dissipation area is large, and whether the heat dissipation aluminum block is large.

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