Three common troubleshooting methods for LED street lights

Nov 2021

Three common troubleshooting methods for LED street lights

I believe that everyone is already familiar with LED street lights, because it has the characteristics of large brightness, low energy consumption, and long life, so now it is gradually occupying the lighting market. Many people are willing to buy LED street lights because they are really advantageous! Of course, we also hope to buy LED street lights for a long time, but no matter what kind of street lights, there will be some problems. So what are the common faults of LED street lights, and how should we solve them? The technical staff of the street light manufacturers below will take everyone to take a look:  

1. The fault that the LED street light does not turn on   

The problem that the LED street light does not light up is really worrying, so how should we solve this problem. First, we must check the circuit first, because many times the LED street light does not light up, it may be that the circuit is faulty. If there is no problem with the circuit after checking, it should be a problem with the driver.  

The driver controls the current and voltage. If the current and voltage are too large or too small, the street light cannot be turned on normally. If it is detected that the driver is a problem, you need to buy a new driver to replace it. 

2. The fault of dimming the brightness of LED street lights 

I believe anyone who has seen the lamp holder of an LED street lamp knows that the lamp holder is generally composed of lamp beads. The lamp beads are in a string. If one of the lamp beads in this string is burnt, the other lamp beads in this string will not light up. If this whole string of lamp beads is burned, the whole lamp head will not light up.  

We can see the burnt lamp beads from the appearance, and the dimming brightness may also be caused by individual lamp beads being burned. Of course, if one lamp bead in each string of lamp beads is burned, it is necessary to consider whether it is a problem of capacitance or resistance.

3. The LED street light flashes after turning off the light.

If the lamp cap keeps flickering after the LED street light is turned off, the first thing we have to consider is the problem of the circuit, and there may be a problem with the zero line of the switch control. If this is the case, we must deal with it in time to avoid danger. If no problem is found after the circuit inspection, it is most likely the self-inductance current generated by the LED street light itself. To solve this problem, we have to buy a 220V relay and connect the coil in series with the light to solve this problem.

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